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Post by Care Bear on Thu May 29, 2008 5:05 am

As a member of this forum, you agree to certain terms. Please make sure you understand these terms and abide by them, and if any problems occur the YM forum staff hope you will come to us with your concerns. The less rules we can harmoniously afford to have the better, but we will update and stipulate the rules as problems arise or as we see fit. We ask that members be aware of these changes when and if they happen so nobody is out of the loop, and we will post announcements when such changes occur. We want to be an accommodating and friendly board, but we must make sure we are clear in our desire for regulations, which are as followed:

  • No member may directly insult another, neither in a debate nor regular thread. Disagreements can and will be made, and personalities can and will clash, but all members must maintain their personal boundaries and not cross over the line between DISAGREEING and INSULTING.

  • Under no circumstances is personal flaming condoned or allowed anywhere on this board. If a member goes to a staff member about a personal offense by another member, or if the staff simply observes the situation the member in question will be given ONE single warning, and in the event of a second offense the member forfeits their rights and their account will be deleted.

  • In attempts to make sure our site does not cross any legal boundaries, we ask that nobody directly copy and paste any outside materials, not written by the original poster their self. Copy and pasting LINKS however, is perfectly fine as it faces us with no potential copy right issues. The copy/pasting of materials that has no copyright restrictions, such as famous quotes, may be allowed and we ask that the member use their discretion when deciding what is acceptable and what is not. If you are unsure, you can run it by a staff member or just stick to posting the link instead of the text.

  • As a member of this forum, certain discretion should be used when discussing the personal experiences and input of other members. We want to maintain this forum as a friendly and accepting board, where all members can feel free to share their concerns, stories, input, etc safely and with a certain degree of confidence. We ask that all members be respectful and give due privacy to all individuals and their personal business.

  • All members are held to a certain standard of participation. This means that no member is permitted to let their account reach inactive status for longer than 30 days. Upon failure to log in after an initial warning, the account will be deleted and the member will be forced to register again if they should return. I will always send a warning before deleting inactive accounts.


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