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pregnant at a young age Empty pregnant at a young age

Post by cutestuff5213 on Mon Feb 23, 2009 6:19 pm

im 15yrs old. my b-day's in september...september 11th 2 be exact. Smile
i feel as though im pregnant.
my boyfriend (16) and i have had sexual intercourse but always used protection. (he wore a condom) but unfortunally the condom broke.
and he ended up ejaculating in me and not even knowing it.

its only been a few weeks and im kind of scared.

being only 15, a sophomore in high school, and planning to go to college to be in the profession of neurology, as you can see i have big dreams, but in my eyes their not just dreams, because i WILL make it a reality. Im pretty much a good student, get A's and B's and a couple of C's. I love sports, mainly track and field and soccer, and love playing football and basketball on the street with friends. I dont come from a "good", pursay, family. Their quite disfunctional and have alot of bad habits. Like my mother, who drinks all the time, and my father, just another sterotype of a black man, never here. My sister has gotten kicked out twice, and moved out when she was 17, she hasnt finished college and as i see it, doesn't plan to. But, that didn't stop me, because i didnt want to be seen as the "sterotypically" young teen mother who hasnt graduated high school and isnt going to make it to college with a horrible disfunctional family whom doesn't support her. My boyfriend, though, does support me in everything i do and we've been dating now for 10 months, going on 11 on the 5th of march.
I just need some advice on what you think i should do.
(there was a little background on me, so you see what i go threw on a daily basis)


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pregnant at a young age Empty Re: pregnant at a young age

Post by Care Bear on Mon Jun 01, 2009 2:40 pm

Welcome to the forum, first off. I think you're doing a wonderful thing here, and from the sound of it you will make a GREAT mother. I hope that your boyfriend will continue to support you and give you and this little one the love you both need. I think it's awesome that you can triumph through your family's turmoil and I'm sorry that you have this kind of home life Sad It sounds like you're better for it though and you will succeed in what you do!


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