Venting because I care-home based business?

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Venting because I care-home based business? Empty Venting because I care-home based business?

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 02, 2008 2:47 pm

Hi, my name is Lena and I'm 26years old I have a 2 year old daughter and 3 week old son and finally making dreams come true for us.
People need to know there are great ways to make a secure living other than taking whatever job comes their way. I'm not a job minded person, I always knew that I wanted to own my business no matter what it was, and be on my own schedule. The first questions you ask is how can I? Or like I was, looking for 2years for a home based business opportunity, not another job. For 6months I worked at home part time for my friend's dad's technical support company which she now runs on her own Smile During that time I realized what I gained. Time to spend with my daughter while she was so small, time for myself, money at hand, and a creative opportunity unlike any other and to top it off my job was important. I was helping people with their problems.

I also figured out that the key to staying focused is not to worry so much about the how but light the fire under the will and the want for something greater in your life. You started out in life just like you kids achieving all types of success from the get go. Walking, talking, potty time Smile , tying shoes and everything that led up to where you are now. So think when is the last time you were a success at something, anything and then keep it rolling!!!

Go to to see the company that helped me meet my goals of finding a successful home based business opportunity that has longevity and stability, thats simple and fun, and has unlimited money potential.


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